- The Nystrom family -

Our family is, like many families nowadays, consisting of his children and her children and finally our children. The children are between 5 and 24 years.

Christer is right now in his 3'rd year of studying computer science in the university of Gävle and Anne is working as a
nurse. We enjoy eating and drinking good food and wine (Christer mostly cooks), we also like to play golf, go fishing, play games, relax and travel. In the very beginning of 1997 we found Yahoo chat and there we started to enjoy the benefits of the Internet. We´ve made a lot of friends all over the world.

There is also a dog in the house, a mini-schnauzer, and when the oldest children come to visit they bring a dog each… We think that the family in time will be smaller and hopefully we can do whatever we like, but there is always a risk of more family-members, boy- and girlfriends….today there's already a grand-kid!
We live in a lovely part of Sweden. Christer has his roots in Gavle, about 120 km south of Alfta, Anne comes from Finland, Rovaniemi - the city of Santa Claus, about 1100 km north of Alfta, on the arctic circle.

And...we don´t live in igloos in Sweden...nor in Finland...
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