Blue Grotto

This is another "must" to visit when going to Malta. Now we are on the southern part of the island were the cliff is reaching high from the sea. No place for bathing exactly, especially not if you´re longing for a sandy beach. The sea is very deep on this side of island too, and sometime they even can catch a shark here, as you soon will see...

Now we´re down to sea level, as you see there is a perfect natural sheltered harbor here for the small fishing boats. Here it was about 4-5 meters deep and you could easily see the ropes that were used for mooring the boats.
As you can see this place is used for other things than mooring the boats...the kids were just as seals, diving in to the water from every spot, even from the side of the cliff! We hired one of these boats to get a nice look at the grottos.


and here we run out of film...but I hope you can imagine the feeling of going by boat in to these caves or grottos, if you ever get the chance to see them...take it! And be sure to get lots of film!This shark was caught here, right outside Malta. But don´t worry about them if you go swimming or diving, they usually only bite you once...and if that eventually would happen... you would become famous!
And this is...another very famous cave..:)) By publishing this I´m saving you the trouble to walk down to it, I´m very afraid of heights and the feeling I got when seeing this view was....brrr...! However, I managed to go down there, first I have to admit that I sat down and waited for Anne and Mario to return, then it got boring to sit there so off I went! Brave! Wasn´t it!?!
The interior of this cave. It actually is a man standing at the far end of the cave.
And then I had to go the same way back again...but I made it!
(but I never looked down...)

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