Boat trip to Comino, Blue Lagoon and Popeye village

Anne and me on board the Hornblower.
One day we got on a boat trip around the small island Comino, down to Popeye village, an old abandoned recording site for the infamous Pop Eye movie. The only wooden buildings in Malta can be seen here...I´m glad that they are building their real houses in stone!

During the trip the sky suddenly opened! It started raining, lots of rain! The staff on the boat got really worried, usually it doesn´t rain much at this time of the year, but now it did! LOTS! Luckily there was a roof...but we all got kind of wet anyway...:-) When we were returning back to Comino and the Blue Lagoon the rain finally stopped and the sun returned again. Now it was time for swimming!

Blue Lagoon - a really lovely place to visit, turquoise water and white bottom, mixed with round stones on some places.

In nearly every place in Malta you can find interesting grottos or caves. These two you find in the Blue Lagoon.

"beach-boy" catching some sunDo you remember the movie "The Guns of Navarone"? Some parts were shot at this place at the Comino island.

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