Anne Nystrom. Born in Finland 1960
I work as a nurse, psychiatry as a speciality.
Between nursing employment's I worked in old age care for three years and with refugees for four years.
I am the oldest of three sisters. One is a nursery school teacher and the other is a nurse.
My family came to Sweden in 1969.
I read a lot, I try to take care of my health, but most of the time I spend with the family.
I really enjoy all my new friends in Yahoo.
Christer Nystrom, born in 1952
I have worked in sales the most of my life. For five years I worked at an employment office, but for the last two years Ive been back in sales again.
I really like wrestling with our computer, mostly it comes out on top of me, but some day...! Im also interested in playing golf but with two small children in the house it has to wait for a few years. Im fond of chatting too as you all know. And watch out on April Fools Day...!!...:):)
Lisa Nystrom, born in 1992
Hello. I am at nursery school in the daytime when my parents work.
I have a little brother, Victor and a big brother, Marcus. My sisters are Annika and Helena.
On my fifth birthday (9 march) I got a new bike.
I like to watch videos. My best day in the week is Friday - I get my candy then.
Victor Nystrom, born in 1995
Everybody thinks I am really wild, except for my grandmother.
They also say that I am very stubborn and very charming. I go to the same nursery
school as Lisa.
Im not afraid of almost anything...and I make my parents run after me...
Our dog, Fidde, likes me. I drop food to him. I like music, and I like demolishing...:)
Oh...almost forgot, Im a pro at reconstructing and decorating too!


Helena Nystrom, born in 1976. Christers eldest daughter. Shes studying to be a teacher and sits here on our front porch with her boyfriend Kalle. Hes working with computers, and helps us out a lot. Annika Nystrom, born in 1979. Christers next oldest daughter. Shes studying, dancing, hunting for boyfriends and all the nice things a seventeen year old girl does! Visit her on her own homepage! Marcus Persson, born in 1983. Anne's oldest son. Teenager! Girls, computer-
games....School comes at the end of his list of priorities. He is not to be a soccerpro, neither a hockeypro or a golfpro..but surely a favourite with all the girls!


Our house. Located in a residential district in the countryside. Next to our house begins a large forest. A couple of years ago one of our neighbors met a bear only 400 meters from us! We have a small garden. The lovely summer evenings we often spend on the terrace - as long as we can because of the mosquitoes...
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