Uncle Holger´s Cake
(sponge cake)


Ingredients The mixing business (instruction for dummies)
  • 2 eggs (medium or large sized)
  • 3 dl (2 coffee-cups) white sugar
  • 3 dl wheat flour
  • 2 teaspoons of baking powder
  • 3 dl of fat milk (or a mixture of milk and some cream)
  • flavoring (not necessary, but you can use bitter almond oil, orange or lemon peels, or why not pieces of apple dipped in sugar with cinnamon...use your imagination dammit!


Useful stuff


  • a kitchen
  • an owen
  • some bowls
  • a whisk (electric)
  • electricity
  • girl- or boyfriend
  • two cases of beer
  • a cleaning lady

I suppose you´ve got something to blend all of it in?? No?? get it then! Personally I prefer a bowl...

First: crack the eggs (not on the floor...silly!) put them in that something, pour in the sugar. Whip as hell! OK, cheater, you can use an electric whisk if you have to.....Be sure to whip it fluffy...

That milk and cream mixture...heat it up to the boiling point and let it rest for a while, no...not on the heater, somewhere else. don´t ask me where!

While you´re away from the whipping and blending...take your time to grease your tin, don´t forget the bread-crumbs! (Do you really call it a tin??..don´t matter what you call it, that thing you use for baking cakes!)

Let´s see... where are we..OK! Those other dry ingredients, flour and baking powder, mix them together first, then mix them with the eggs and sugar. Stop tasting it! No fingers in the food!...)) Yes, it´s nice tasting.... OK, stir the dry ones in....when that´s done it´s time for the milk mixture ( did you notice that it´s not boiling any longer? still warm though) Ready?

Pour it all in your tin now or whatever you call it, if you´re adding some flavor you´re supposed to have included it at this point, else...it will be to late!

Put your "tin" (ha ha) in your preheated owen now, if you´ve forgot that...well, dip your finger in and eat!..:)) the owen is supposed to be 175° Celsius now...if you´re using Fahrenheit's...well, a lot of those!..:))

After about 30-40 minutes the cake is supposed to be ready, usually it leaves hold of the edge of tin. You an always test with a stick too....

Out with it from the owen, put a plate on top of it and turn it around! If you get lucky it will leave the tin then...if not...well, that´s your problem!

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