Mexican Coffee


The author does not take any responsibility for any actions done

during the influence of this drink!



Ingredients How to blend...(without burning your fingers)
  • lots of brandy
  • less of Kahlua
  • even less of whipped cream
  • nearly nothing of instant coffee

Nice things to have

a numbered account in Switzerland




That´s all folks!


Pour one part of Kahlua ( a coffee liquor) in a saucepan (yes! a saucepan! do you think I´m stupid?!). then...pour two parts of brandy in there too! Heat the mixture! BUT..DON´T BOIL IT!!

When it´s hot, pour it in a nice glass, top it off with some lightly whipped cream and decorate with some coffee powder.


Drink it through the cream, no straw, and finish it before it gets cold....

This drink is a real #1 when you´re cold, I assure you that after five minutes you will be throwing off your´s great for seducing too... ;-) But don´t drink too much on those occasions!..LOL

Feeling unsure of the size of a part? Well, easiest way is to take a half bottle of Kahlua and mix it with a full-sized bottle of Brandy, that way you´re certain to get the right mixture......

about burning your fingers...well, I´ve got no good advice really, but after a couple of these....who cares!

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