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Family recipes...


Hmmm...what´s cooking? In our house you never know what´s cooking, at least not when I´m doing it (me - that´s Christer). I almost never use a recipe, always experimenting and testing new ways to cook. Why do it the easy way when you don´t have to? :-)

But, I´ve got to give you some nice family recipes anyhow!


  • "uncle Holger´s cake", a very nice and tasty cake that is great from the beginning and will be even better after a few days! Make two of them! Else you never will now how it is on the second day!
  • "uncle Halvard´s gingerbreads" or "Brennacakes". This recipe is used every Christmas, you´ll end up with about 600-700 cakes, but don´t worry, they will all be eaten! I must admit that I´ve never baked them but once I made the dough anyway. Anne is having the responsibility for with the buns. My children are still smiling when I ask them if they remember when I made the dough...:-) That time I didn´t use a food-processor, I "handmade" it on the kitchen-table. Yes, handmade is the word! LOL
  • "swedish buns", I won´t claim that this is a family recipe...but it´s the buns that Anne makes! I´ll give you a fair warning about these... they disappears!
  • "mexican coffee", this dangerous drink I once learnt how to make, a friendly bartender in Hudiksvall told me the secrets. WARNING! Drink this in nice company!

    Don´t´ll get your meatballs some day....


    to be continued....

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